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Christopher John Ball - Zur Person

Christopher John Ball is a widely exhibited, London based, Fine arts photographer and lecturer.

He was born in Blackburn, a Northern Lancashire town in the UK, in 1960 and has been working professionally for 25 years and, whilst his photography covers many genre, he specialises in erotic imagery. These images are produced using traditional archival monochromatic techniques and alternative processes such as cyanotypes and gum bichromate's. His work is in many public and private collections.

Chris studied at the famous University of Derby, under the guidance of world renowned fine art photographers John Blakemore and Olivier Richon. Here he gained a BA(hons), in Photographic Studies. He was later awarded an MA, in Cultural Studies. As a lecturer Chris is a photography evangelist, believing it to be the most democratic of artforms. He encourages students to explore an emotional/subjective response to the medium and in so doing bring something of themselves to the images they produce, believing that every photographic image should contain the " signature " of the author. Ever keen to promote and encourage the use of photography as a creative medium, Chris posts many of the formulae and techniques he uses within the pages of his website at http://www.cjballphotography.co.uk .

eMail: chris@cjballphotography.co.uk
homepage: http://www.cjballphotography.co.uk
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