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Jannis Gousgounis - Zur Person


Zur Person:

I  was born  in Athens in 1964. 

In 1982 I went to Germany to study Chemical Engineering with major in Food Processing at the Technical University of Karlsruhe (TH Karlsruhe). During my stay in  Karlsruhe I became member of the local photographic club "moment mal e.V" and since then photography became sort of a  passion.

In 1991 I returned to Athens where I live up to now with my family.

I have participated (and still do) in many photographic competitions and have gained quite a few distinctions in Greece and abroad.

Quite a few of my photographic work has been published in photographic magazines and books and I have also written a few (mainly technical) articles in a greek magazine for photography.

Until the end of  2003 I have been exposing only  colour slide films. In January 2004 I bought my first digital camera (Nikon D100) and since then I have dedicated myself to the digital photography.

In May 2004 I exhibited about 20 of my pictures  in an Art Gallery in Athens.

This year (2006) I decided to start sharing my Photography with other friends of this beautiful and very creative hobby. Therefore I start organizing photo tours and photo workshops in Greece. You may find more information about the actual photo tours on my website.


eMail: gousgounis@ath.forthnet.gr  
homepage: http://www.jannisgousgounis.net  
themen: menschen  

Jannis Gousgounis