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Michael Schultes - Zur Person

Date of birth: Dec., 19th, 1954
Place of birth: Landshut, Germany
Current adress: Hauptstr. 33, 55270 Engelstadt, Germany
Familiy status: married, one daughter Laura (no cats)
1961 - 1976 school
1976 - 1977 conscientious objector conscripted to do
community work at Red Cross, Germany
Professional training:
1978 - 1979 education to become an advertising photographer in Wiesbaden, Germany
1979 - 1981 assistent photographer at Diefenbach Studios,
Wiesbaden/Hamburg, Germany
Since 1981 freelance photographer for advertising and editorial

Exhibitions (solo):
2006 "panoramic scenes of the world" in Heidelberg
2005 "panoramic scenes of the world" Heidelberg
2005 "pure fruit", panoramic scenes and Vietnam in Gau-Algesheim
2005 „pure fruit“, at "Time and Place, the Landfried Experience" in Heidelberg, at 100see
2004 „pure fruit“, Zwickau, Germany
2004 „Vietnamese people b/w“, Wiesbaden, Germany
2004 „Body Parts b/w“, Frankfurt, Germany
2002 „Body Art b/w“, Aschaffenburg, Germany
2000 „Vietnamese pople b/w“, La Casa, Hanau, Germany
1994 „Hohl-Kohl-lektion“ (Helmut Kohl and more), Brückenkopf Hanau, Germany
1990 „Knell‘s cats“, Katzen und Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany
1984 „recent works“ Valentino, Frankfurt, Germany

Exhibitions (group):

2006 starting march 23. "on skin" Palm Beach, Florida
2005 at "Jazz for five" in Engelstadt
2005 „humans and nature“, Ingelheim, Germany
2005 „wine art for five“, Engelstadt, Germany
2004 „humanity“, Beijing, China
1997 „Contemporary fashion photography“, Airport gallery Frankfurt, Germany
1997 „Jaguar XK8“, Airport gallery Frankfurt, Germany
1997 „Germans look at Germans“, Fotomuseum.de
1997 „the color green“, Fotomuseum.de

Publications, books and calenders:


„Erotic fruit 2005“
„Men Erotic 2002“,
„A matter of opinion“, 2002“
Misses of Germany 1994“,
„Colors 1991“


„The Body“, 2005 (26 photographers)
„Portrait of a City: Frankfurt/Main“, 2000
„Steffi at the dentists“, 1984

Besides: Front covers for books, Records, CDs,
magazines and many photographs on different
platforms of the www.

eMail: michael@schultes-photo.de
homepage: http://www.schultes-photo.de/
themen: vietnam >

Michael Schultes