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René Felderer - Zur Person

Born may 16th 1968 in Zurich - Switzerland
Early in my life I already had my first experience with photography. I was about 10 years old when I participated in a little "photo contest", which was organized by my school. So my colleges and I went out in the fields and most of my pals were shooting flowers. I got a bit bored by this, and searched for other things. I found some rocks nearby, and behind them, there was as tree. Fascinated by this scenery, I laid down on the ground and took a picture. After we developed the film-role and exposed some prints, I had a strange, great feeling. Not necessary to say that the teacher honored me with the first price. Now 21 years later I still remember this. And with every project that I finish, and with every day I get deeper into it, I see that photography is not only art. it's magic. René.

November 17th 1999

eMail: rene.felderer@mymail.ch
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René Felderer